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Image by Fausto Marqués


The Jeep Club Official Switzerland   was born from an idea of 4 people, founded by an old-time off-roader and new generation with young lymph and a desire for adventure, some more or less with many experiences. in the varied off-road map, they decided to try the road or rather the off-road vehicle together, sharing the same ideals and the same passion of the famous and acclaimed Jeep brand.

Our Club is a non-profit association, based on the fundamental principle of giving the same space to all types of off-roaders, from the most technical quiet day tripper to the most extroverted and with the desire to experience strong sensations. -136bad5cf58d_

We love being able to dedicate and spend moments with our beloved Jeeps.
We like both the tourist trips organized by us or by joining other existing clubs, on Swiss territory or abroad, with a degree of difficulty related to the type of vehicle of the participants. In this way, both those who use the off-road vehicle every day even to go to the office and therefore do not want to make it exasperated, and those who have prepared their vehicle to face any type of obstacle can participate in it.

Whenever possible, without having to grind too many kilometers, we participate in various single-brand rallies such as the Jeepers Meeting, where we know we always find a perfect organization that allows us to have fun without problems for the duration of the event.

In agreement and collaboration with the FIF
we will organize   safe driving courses for the less experienced and higher level courses for the more experienced. These always arouse great interest for offroad enthusiasts . 

We often organize an evening outing, aperitif dinner, as a moment for conviviality between our affiliates and to involve the members of our and your families who participate and are part of this world, of the series "little jeepers grow up" ...

If you recognize yourself in our same passion, sign up or contact us.

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